I've been migrated - how do I update my email on Outlook on my PC?

If you don't already have an email account setup, please follow the instructions here on how to create a new email account.  If you already have an email account, but have not set it up on your PC before, then please follow these instructions.

Only follow these instructions below if you have previously had your email address configured and working on your PC.

  1. Click start, and type in Control - an option for Control Panel will be listed
  2. Select Control Panel
  3. Select the Mail entry that is listed in Control Panel

    If your Control Panel looks like this, click on User Accounts, and then Mail
  4. Click Email Accounts
  5. Select the account to update, then click Change (just above the list of accounts)
  6. Change the incoming and outgoing servers to:  grp5.myukcloud.com
  7. If needed, update your password on this screen
  8. Click More Settings, then select the Advanced Tab
  9. Confirm the the settings are as follows
  10. Click OK to close the More Settings screen
  11. Click Next to start a test of the settings and then Close and Finish to close the Mail settings window.
    If the test fails, please return and check the configuration is correct.