How do I save a payment card?

If you would like to save a card either to automatically pay invoices as they fall due, or to save yourself time from having to enter them for each invoice you pay, you can opt to securely store them with our VISA owned processing company, Authorize.NET.

Firstly, login to your Billing Portal account at

If you do not have a login, please contact our support team.

In the top right, click on the Profile drop down - where it will say "Welcome"
This will present you with a menu, select Manage Cards.

Click on Add New Card

Enter the card details; note that the Friendly Name is how you will refer to this card, please ensure that it is unique and useful but do not include your card details in the name!

If you wish to use a card for automatic payment, select the card from the drop down list and click Save payment options. If you do not wise to use this feature, or you change your mind, simply set this to "Do not use auto-payment".

To use a card, simply find an invoice you need to pay and you will receive the option to use a saved card on the payment screen - simply select the card from the drop down list, and click "Pay Invoice".


If you receive an error when saving a card, please ensure your Profile is fully completed. You will find this under the Profile drop down at the top right of each page.