How do I add a mailbox to Outlook on Windows?

Make sure you have downloaded and installed Office 365 / Outlook on your device before proceeding! If you haven't, please go to, login and then click "Install Office" before proceeding.

Note: You will be prompted to link to your Office 365 account for licensing purposes the first time you start any Office 365 application; this is not included in these instructions.

  1. Start Outlook
  2. Outlook will attempt to automatically detect an account, if this fails, please continue.
  3. Enter your e-mail address and click Connect
  4. You will likely be prompted to login, and if you have MFA configured complete your multifactor prompt
  5. You may receive an information popup regarding where some information is saved on your computer; please ensure you read this and click OK.
  6. Untick the "Set up Outlook Mobile on my phone too" and click Done

That's it ! Outlook is all configured on your device!